Jen's Journal

what a cutie!!

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we went to church with the team on sunday and then went to sunday school. this kid seemed very curious. what a cutie!!


helping members navigate through TIG

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we bought 1 hour worth of internet access at busy internet and spent time taking people through the site. we showed them the country site for ghana (that is in progress / under development), member profiles etc. One big challenge/question in my mind is -- how is the TIG online community relevant for people in Africa? what kind of opportunities are available for young people to connect to. how should the TIG site be modified? how can members be further inspired, informed & involved...


issue-based discussion

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there were break-out groups (on the issue of poverty, youth unemployment & HIV AIDS). I got to listen to people share their views these issues, how they are affecting their lives & what can be done about it.


conference participants...

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it was really wonderful for me to be able to sit among a group of people who have such a sense of hope and optimism for the future.


TIG Conference in Ghana!

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August 31, 2002 - Mike and I were in Ghana at the TakingITGlobal 2002 Conference for members in Ghana. Here's a pictures of all the conference delegates. The theme of the conference was 'Networking through IT Globally'. It was held at Busy Internet - the largest internet cafe in Ghana (in Accra). Congrats to the team for pulling it all together!!


me and (almost) my twin sister!

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Bintou and I were born on the same day!! (June 27, 1980)!!!

Although she is from Gambia and I am from Canada, we are twin sisters :) :)

Here is a picture of me and my twin sister....

[please note - we are not actually twin sisters - it's just that we have a lot in common and were born on the same day - i got an e-mail from someone asking why our skin colour is different!!! :]


Representing Turkey...

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Here I am - representing TURKEY at the UN meeting...Just joking :)

I actually have friends who are the official youth delegates representing Turkey and they took this picture...

I am so impressed with how involved young people are in taking action locally, nationally and internationally...

it definately gives me hope for the future to see how involved young people are in trying to influence decision-making on all levels...


Youth Caucus Meeting

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Every Day there is a Youth Caucus meeting here at the World Summit on Sustainable Development. Youth are seen as a "Major Group" in the process of Sustainable Development. The Youth Caucus meetings give youth delegates a chance to express their views and share perspectives on the issues of discussion at the summit. Each day, various youth from the caucus represent youth in the official UN discussions. The Youth Caucus meetings help provide input into the official UN process and also create an opportunity for people to network and devleop collaborative partnerships!


Youth Caucus space

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Most of my time this week has been spent promoting EarthYouth.net...

We set up wireless internet access in the 'Major Group' space at the convention centre so that we can help people sign up to the site, add updates, stories and other content.

here is mike and I in the 'Youth Caucus' space :)


wow...an "official" United Nations meeting.

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There are only a small number of people that actually get to attend the "OFFICIAL" United Nations meetings here at WSSD. I got a last-minute invitation to attend the discussion on 'health' to represent 'youth' from North America. Although I didn't speak or anything - it was quite an experience. During the break, I met Canada's Ambassador & Minister of the Environment...He was very proud to see a young Canadian 'influencing global decision-making here at WSSD:)


BMW is a sponsor of WSSD

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BMW actually has a really impressive 'space' that is outside of an area where there are a group of restaurants at the Saindon convention centre. I met someone from Bahrain who was sponsored to come to WSSD as a youth. Not sure if they are a 'good' company or not - but they definately appear to express interest in sustainable development with their innovative 'fuel efficient' cars....


Hats for Sale!!

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Here's a local merchant selling hats on the street. People are very entrepreneurial here in South Africa. While sitting in your car and approaching a stop light, people come up to you and try to sell newspapers, pop or other products...

or people are selling things on the streets - not sure if they have to have a permit - but there are some places with 'no merchant' signs...



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While on the bus - I had a look out the window and saw this sign...There are a lot of merchants that sell things like fruit, hats, clothes, newspapers or furniture on the streets of south africa. i guess there are a few places that don't find this to be a very good idea...


On the bus...ALL DAY!!

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Here we are on a bus - from one conference place to the next. We had actually spent 3 hours in the morning trying to make our way to the Youth Caucus Meeting at Nasrec (and paid $150 for registration) HOWEVER - once we got there, we found out that the location of the meeting had changed!! We took a quick look around the Nasrec, and then pleaded with the conference organizers to send the bus back early so that we would make it on time for the meeting!!

We ended up arriving almost an hour late for the Youth Caucus meeting in Saindon Convention Centre...

At least we had the opportunity to announce earthyouth.net to the delegates. We gave out stickers, brochures and a handout that nick and I created the night before at ubuntu village...ever since, we've been taking taxi's!


African Music...

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I LOVE African Music!! I don't think that I have been doing enough dancing over the past few days here at WSSD. I leave for Ghana on Friday and hope to be able to take more time to dance to the African beat...


Penguin is Melting - Because of President Bush

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On our way into a meeting at WSSD - we passed by someone creating ice sculptures with this sign in front of it saying "Penguin is Melting - Because of President Bush"

thought it was worth taking a picture of...


July 2002 Progress Report

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Wednesday July 31

~ spent a bit of time organizing additional office supplies
~ meeting with hugh & nick about fundraising & next steps
~ met with maria about workshop series (especially the final report) & wrote ref. letter for jesse ~ preapred TIG Youth Day packages (with hugh's help) wrote cover letter & printed flyers ~ worked with houshi on the 'Welcome to our Computer Lab' one-pager with tips / background / rules etc. ~ finalize details for TIG t-shirts, mugs & stickers with mike
~ had a long and important meeting with nick - talking about GYAN discussions, future goals & priorities, current ideas & reflections on the progress that we have been making over the past few months, discussion about upcoming things to do ~ missed the expressive arts workshop :( ~ stayed at the office until about 10:30pm cleaning things up further and putting everything that needed to be sorted through in a big pile for jessica to sort through, played great music to keep up a mood of excitement :) ~ stayed up until 3am doing e-mails

Tuesday July 30

~ meeting with Elizabeth Verway (Home Office Mentors) (missed meeting with Evan - sorry mike) ~ work with Jessica to begin organizing all our filing cabinets and storage space in order to make room for the new office supplies!! ~ spent much of the afternoon cleaning & organizing various aspects of the office...CLEARING CLUTTER...windexing, dusting, recycling papers and old documents, throwing away boxes that are not being used, putting labels on boxes of supplies..etc. ~ kung fu class (polished up the dragon form!) ~ go see Austin Powers movie with cousins (chiara & vanessa) ~ sent an e-mail to members of family to organize our first ever family newsletter (to be distributed on my grandmother's 80th birthday!!) :) :)

Monday July 29

~ respond to a bunch of e-mails
~ The Canadian Unity Council and Senior Vice President, Environics Research Group together with The Centre for Research and Information on Canada held a luncheon to discuss The Canadian federal/provincial relations with the Honourable Stephan Dion President of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada and Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs To be held at: The University Club -- (Ashley, Jessica, Houshi and I attended!) ~ mega staff meeting (3pm - 4:30pm) -- hear presentations from karam, nick, karis & hugh!! ~ sing happy birthday to maria! ~ get quotes for t-shirts ~ go shopping for Office & Art Supplies (using Trillium budget!!!) approx. $2000 spent on amazing materials that I believe will last us the year...if we take good care of everything! ~ shared pictures with my mom from Sunday night birthday party for my aunt (at midnight)...

Sunday July 28

~ World Youth Day - papal mass...which was quite beautiful. The morning was pouring rain...i arrived just a few minutes after the start of the mass - which was wonderful because we missed traffic!! Left just a few minutes before it ended...which was also wonderful!! Part way through the mass, the sun came out, and the rest of the day was clear skies! ~ drop off nicole at home after mass ~ work on school postings & important e-mails ~ go to aunt mary's for 50th birthday party...have fun with family & celebrate life!

Saturday July 27

~ slept in, relaxed, watched people play monopoly & cleaned up the cottage! ~ enjoyed time on the boat (and went out on the tube) ~ took a bunch of group pictures ~ had a wonderful dinner prepared by derek & breslin's mom (rebecca martin) ~ dropped people off on the drive back...& listened to great music ~ arrive home at about 1am from TIG retreat

Friday July 26

~ early morning wake-up & drive to finch station to pick TIG peeps up for trip to the cottage! ~ houshi is LATE!! Jessica & martin search far and wide...finally found! ~ meet at mike's - hook up the boat - get gas - help pack - go to tim hortons - another stop-off at wendy's...the weather is a bit grey..fInAlLY arrive at the COTTAGE!!! Wooo hooo!! ~ sun comes out...martin, breslin & jarra help mike take out the boat ~ fun in the sun...relaxation... ~ relax time in the cottage... ~ worked on about 40 e-mails for 1 hour on the picnic table ~ I practiced my kata's as the sun set (jarra took some pics) ~ put away groceries and get everything ready for dinner ~ evening dinner prepared by dhurv
~ had some drinks and laughed a lot with everyone
~ as the night went on, we went outside and sat by the fire (prepared by brez & houshi) ~ we sang songs, ate smores and another treat prepared by jarra, laughed & danced by the fire

Thursday July 25

~ early morning breakfast meeting with martin (discuss performance review) ~ meeting with joanne & martin about sunnybrook project ~ respond to a variety of e-mails ~ spent time checking voicemail messages and calling people back ~ typed up notes from sunnybrook meeting & sent out follow-up e-mail ~ sent ideal list of t-shirts, sizes, quantity to companies for quotes ~ brief chat with amanda about creating earth youth logo ~ prepare e-mail to be sent out to TIG members about expressive arts workshop ~ breif chat with jarra (as I was driving to WYD I saw him on king street!) ~ attend Youth Festival (at world youth day), sing, dance & connect with spiritual youth

Wednesday July 24

~ arrived in office early and spent an hour cleaning things up ~ e-mail to staff about office appreciation & talk to people about organizing their personal work space ~ call dumi to wish him a happy birthday ~ spend time with maria on performance review ~ brief meeting with dan - go to world youth day university café (no one was there) ~ meet with greg dobson from energize your enterprise ~ Experience Entrepreneurship workshop!! (6 amazing panelists attended, interactive activities conducted, excellent handouts prepared, overall superb workshop with positive feedback and great turnout - approx.30 people) ~ missed a lot of the panelists presentations because I was working with sush to prepare the pictures...

Tuesday July 23

~ meeting with martin about needs for sunnybrook project
~ worked on a range of e-mails (sent details to national congress of italian canadians, sent e-mail to muthu about resume) ~ meeting with hugh about his involvement as a volunteer for TIG ~ meeting with adam dexter & others interested in TIGvibe - we discussed progress to date and next steps - created a draft 1 year timeline - went through website and gave feedback to adam on what needs to be improved...(progress is exciting!) ~ evening workshop run by Shalini on 'how to conduct a great workshop' - realized that we need to spend a lot more time with facilitators going through the details of what activities they plan to conduct and the overall framework for their workshop to ensure that they are prepared ~ came up with a general 'model' for TIG workshops in the future... EVERY TIG WORKSHOP MUST INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING ELEMENTS: Inspiration -> an opportunity / experience for people to be excited / motivated / have an eye-opener Information -> handouts with info / links / connection to resources etc. -> be sure to have a resource table (brochures etc.) Involvement -> must have an interactive element where the workshop participants are sharing their perspectives & knowledge ~ attended kung fu class in the evening

Monday July 22

~ work from home on assignment for school - felt a bit stressed because I didn't spend enough time on the readings ~ missed the World Youth Day Media event :( ~ registerred for WYD late in the evening ~ finalized assignment in the late evening and sent it in

Sunday July 21

~ A Stroke of Art - Creativity Retreat with TIGgers - created monoprints and still life paintings ~ postings for weekly homework assignment complete ~ readings for essay assignment

Saturday July 20

~ spent a few hours in the morning creating a painting with my little cousin (rocco) and grandmother ~ missed karate class ~ took out boat with mike & had a picnic! ~ worked on homework assignment for school

Friday July 19

~ worked from home & spent time getting organized
~ worked on a huge range of e-mails
~ sent out e-mail to promote upcoming experience entrepreneurship workshop ~ sent e-mail to famous 5 foundation about upcoming conference ~ had 1.5 hr conference call with Dumi from YES about current project status & teambuilding/management (gave advice) ~ sent framework for upcoming newsletters (general idea of what they should include) ~ wrote e-mail for panelists to be prepared ~ making it work for volunteers application due

Thursday July 18

~ morning meeting at D-Code about civic engagement project
~ meeting with vicki @ a coffee shop
~ meeting with andy
~ meeting with elizabeth verway
~ workshop preparation
~ Develop Your Leadership Potential workshop

Wednesday July 17

~ get panelists for Experience Entrepreneurship Workshop!! call every possible mentor in toronto
~ prepare e-mail to send to members about upcoming workshop (in order to promote it!) ~ meet with Jessica about preparing handouts (get bio's for panelists, create list of resources) ~ discussion with amanda, sush & martin about t-shirts, mugs, mousepads & other promo materials for workshops ~ meeting with Jarra about future involvement with TIG (upcoming priorities) ~ World Youth Day - University Café training on using digital camera ~ speaking engagement at Youth Vision leadership event

Tuesday July 16

~ work from home in the morning on e-mails
~ go to library and work on assignment for school
~ go to private lesson (kung fu), attend kickboxing class then kung fu class ~ swimming in the evening ~ enjoy a good night sleep

Monday July 15

~ work on TIG newsletter (create framework for ben!)
~ Staff meeting
~ give martin & maria performance reviews for them to fill out ~ conference call with Nick ~ preparation for upcoming workshops ~ attend evening karate class

Sunday July 14

~ went to Canada's Wonderland with family!!
~ spent the evening doing readings for school (read a few chapters!) ~

Saturday July 13

~ went to karate class
~ went out on on the boat with family
~ dinner party with patty chilton (from pollution probe), ron (from HP), virginia (professional coach)

Friday July 12

~ meeting with Perry about 'youth media centre'
~ discuss maria's transition with ashley, maria and jessica
~ rollerblading with mike on the lakeshore

Thursday July 11

~ meeting with rose from National Congress for Italian Canadians (about being the 2002 youth achievement award winner) ~ meeting with mandy & sush about Youth Employment Summit Global Knowledge Resource (objectives) ~ meeting with tsipora (good friend who I haven't seen in a while...gained new personal insights) ~ follow-up from meeting with jeni (provide quote for web development project) ~ attend first 1/2 of learn how to paint workshop (excellent job!) ~ go to kung fu class & dinner afterwards ~ meeting with Taylor about Kids Voting Project ~ prepare for & attend 'Get Involved and Take Action' Workshop!! (amazing turnout :) ~ go out with Jarra and Petra (along with mike, martin & sonya)...greek food, bubble tea & pool!)

Wednesday July 10

~ pampering in the early morning (from b-day gifts) - peticure, manicure, waxing
~ meeting with jeni about fundraising for TIG, potential web development projects

Tuesday July 9

~ work on e-mails from home in the morning
~ afternoon meeting with joanne from sunnybrook (project planning session) ~ work on e-mails ~ kung fu in the evening

Monday July 8

~ slept IN!! We were supposed to be at the RCMP by 10am - we got there at noon!! ~ meetings at the RCMP with Deal.org ~ lunch meeting (italian food) at east side mario's ~ discussions about partnership ~ drive home in the evening ~ take video footage interviews in the car on the way back!

Sunday July 7

~ enjoyed our sleeP
~ work session at the hotel with everyone..captured great spirit and enthusiasm ~ brief workout ~ go to the market and buy some fruit, smoothies and necklaces! ~ an afternoon/evening at Pat's house (met his wife and 3 children)... ~ it was really amazing for me to meet with Chloe (Pat's daughter) who had to choose her 'hero/role model' for a school project and chose me...she showed me her assignment...she got an A+ :) :) ~ we went swimming and played with the beach ball ~ we ate a wonderful dinner, had popsicles and reviewed artwork on our global gallery, and art that the girls made! ~ we had a lot of fun and look forward to another visit :) ~ got back in time to finish off weekly homework assignment!! Yikes...yet another last-minute project... ~ work late on local.takingitglobal.org & tyd.takingitglobal.org

Saturday July 6

~ early morning wake-up, leave for Ottawa (with Mike, Sush and Martin!) ~ attend Sunst Ceremony and watch RCMP horses & dogs perform in front of a lively audience :) ~ tour the stables & catch a glimpse behind the scenes ~ relaxed and watched Saturday night live ~ worked on some e-mails and a bit of our 'home video' ;)

Friday July 5

~ finalize and send out press release (through the wire) for promoting local workshops ~ work on e-mails & meet with people to discuss upcoming goals & priorities ~ saw Mr. Deeds with martin, mike and sush

Thursday July 4

~ show up at mike's with a birthday cake & bday present
~ drive into the office
~ meeting with jacqueline at YMCA about upcmoing projects
~ meeting with maria about involvement with TIG beyond career edge ~ prepare overview of trillium budget ~ dinner & arcades with mike & family

Wednesday July 3

~ spent a lot of time in the airport and worked on a massive todo list ~ worked on a whole variety of e-mails (approx 40)... ~ sent e-mail to jessica & houshi about desiging a summer work plan ~ sent e-mail to nick about follow-up from discussions with lawyers (needs & priorities) ~ sent e-mail to peeps involved in TIG toronto about upcoming retreat at breslin's cottage
~ sent e-mail to staff about youth rep progress to get feedback ~ sent e-mail to staff about creativity workshop retreat @ A Stroke of Art ~ got to the office at about 5:30 pm and enjoyed a birthday cake (made by mandy!) ~ met petra and had a chat with her about school, TIG, youth engagement, art, community etc. ~ missed out on our 'draw the world around you' workshop ~ spent time ortanizing personal work space / files / and organized papers that I brought back ~ read the most beautiful birthday card every (thanks karis) ~ went home and began to implement items on todo list - started to get back into the swing of things



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For those who don't know - today is the day that our Director of Technology, Michael Furdyk, was born. (July 4th)

Mike, thank you for your leadership, dedication, vision, technology wizardry, briliance and friendship!

You are such an amazing person - someone who I admire and respect. The genius and generosity that you share on a daily basis is changing lives and making history.

Thanks for taking a leap of faith - and committing to this vision of TakingITGlobal...

You have brought a sense of hope and optimism to the lives of many young people - and to organizations serving young people through your talents, skills and insights.

Yours truly,


ps. please leave a note and little birthday message for mike below!!


June is already over?!...an update on a month that flew by

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Wow - time is really flying by...here I am, stuck at an airport in miami. the flight was delayed (coming from puerto rico back to toronto) and there are no more flights till 7:30am tomorrow morning...i was incredibly calm in the 3 hour line-up, which was kinda nice. I think that it had something to do with the 'day of rest' that I had yesterday
- the first official 'day of rest' in over a year or so. Or maybe it's because I'm caught up with my e-mails...or because my finger is healing...or because I am FINALLY caught up with my homework - after being 3 weeks behind!! For whatever reason, I'm delighted to have the opportunity to spend a few hours writing a bit of an update, and to reflect on these past few crazy weeks / months.

As a bit of an update - I think it is important for everyone to be aware of the following FIRSTS for TIG in 2002!!

In 2002, TIG has already secured funding from:

-> Hewlett-Packard - it's first 'official technology supporter' in Canada - over $125,000 of an in-kind donation that will go towards our Toronto Office and resource centre...and that we hope to extend as a canada-wide digitial opportunities initiative!

-> Microsoft (in-kind donation of software) $30,000 in value for office / resource centre

-> Renewed funding from Royal Bank for the Career Edge Internship Program ($36,000)

-> Partnership with YMCA has extended to include rent for up to June 2003 (value of cost is $20,000 / yr)

-> Our FIRST government Grant of $3000 that will go towards 3 summer internship positions (from HRDC)

-> Our FIRST foundation Grant of $21,000 that is going towards our toronto workshop series (and cover costs of printers, scanners, new promotional materials, workshop materials, food, part-time staff etc.)

-> Our FIRST UN partnership / funding of $5000 for earthyouth.net (in the process of being 100% finalized) that will go towards hiring a summer intern from India to come and work at TIG who has a lot of experience in the area of sustainable development, along with some technology costs.

-> Our FIRST round of funds from an international devleopment agency (SDC - Swedish Development Corporation) which is allocated towards sending Nick and Terri (along with a TIG delegation of 4 members in developing countries) to the World Summit on the Information Society prep-com that is currently being held in Geneva (approx. $15,000)

.....our budget for 2002
is already over $250,000!!!!!!!


...and for those who don't already know, TakingITGlobal
is recognized as a finalist in the Education category for the Stockholm Challenge!! The award ceremony is in Sweden - this October :)

Tuesday July 2

~ 7:30am wake up! Check-e-mails and enjoy the early morning rise!

~ Sort e-mails that vanessa cc'd me on or forwarded to me over the past 6 months into folders labelled with countries so that michelle and I can sort through them and ensure that people don't get left behind...

~ Write draft e-mail to the current youth reps based on recent progress and michelle's draft (includes an update on country site development, TIG Youth Day announcement and launch of Youth Rep application process - also explains vaness leaving and welcome note to michelle)

~ have breakfast (egg white omlets & protein smoothie!), then mad-rush packing to get to the bus on time!

~ take a 1-hour shuttle bus ride to the airport and work on sorting e-mails in folders along the way

~ flight from puerto rico to miami...delayed - but arrived on time

~ flight from miami to toronto cancelled...have to stay over in maimi
--> NOT REIMBURSED FOR HOTEL EXPENSES!!! --> back in TO. By 2:30pm on
Wednesday - need to reschedule meetings

~ had a quick workout...writing my progress report ;)

Monday July 1

~ happy canada day! It was kinda sad not being in my home country on its national birthday...but I tried to celebrate it in my own little way
- by having a day of rest!! These past few weeks have been incredibly stressful - and on some occasions, a bit overwhelming - so it was nice to be able to kick-back, relax, and enjoy a few of life's luxuries for a day (compliments of the CUES conference I spoke at)! Slept in till about noon...ahhh-- sleep is one of the first luxuries of life!!!

Then woke up to the sun's rays...(another one of my favourite things in life :)

Took a ferry boat to an island and enjoyed the beach, sand and cool water for about an hour. My fav part was sitting on the shore, on the sand and moving with the waves, while watching the fish (who were camaflouged with the seaweed) move around just a few feet away!)

Went jet-skiing for 30min!!! Wooo hooo!!! Took a CraZY ride...rode really fast...splashed around...did some crazy turns...YAY!! Water-sports..another luxury ;)

As sOOOn as the jet-ski pulled into shore, it STARTED TO rain...THEN POUR!!!! Haha!! It was soooo funny - running across the beach towards the ferri dock - trying to catch the next boat back to the hotel!! :)

Towels were soaked. There I was...standing in the rain...no escape....nothing left to do but laugh!! (I later found out that another guy who went out on the jet ski decided to stay out and jet ski in the rain...and the rain pellets were whipping against his face as he slid across the water...trying to look through the foggy skies...crazy!)...and yes - another luxury of life...chance

Once back at the hotel - a health salad with a light vinagrette dressing awated me...along with a fresh smoothie!

Here comes the greatest luxury of all...a 1 hour massage at the spa!! Yay :) spent 1 hour in the tea room after 10min in the steam room and 5 min in the whirl pool!! Then spent another hour in the tea room - before a workout in the gym!!

For dinner...sushi and a chinese food dish.

By 10:00pm...i was completely exhausted and fell asleep within about 5min of getting back to my hotel room...

Sunday June 30

~ last day of the conference

~ seeing as I had a week's worth of work to do for school...i spent the entire day READING, reading and MORE reaDING!! Ahhh

~ my assignment was due at midnight...and I submitted part of it on time, and the other part, at 12:24am...damn. Of course, I freaked out for a bit - threw my papers at the windeow (good thing it was closed!) and slammed my text book on the ground (where's a punching bag when you need one!) ...but yes - it is done!! Yay!! And now, I am finally back up to date with my studies...though it won't be long until the next deadline creeps up (next Sunday!)

~ STREssS night for JENERGY!!

Saturday June 29

~ high focus gear...preparation for conducting two workshops on the topic of 'Technology and the Future of Work'. The process of preparing for this was relatively stressful because we were speaking to the same audience and needed to ensure that we did not cover the same content.

~ after the conference, I spent the entire evening working on my school assignments (2 out of 3) (I was three weeks behind because of the delay that I faced as a result of my broken finger)...although it's not the best way to spend a saturday night in puerto rico (doing homework in my hotel room)..i did what I had to do. Although it was a bit painful - I'm glad that I focused and got caught up..."business ethics" (the topic of my course) - is incredibly important to the work that I am doing with TIG - and in order for me to gain a grounded academic perspective on my work, I need to do my HOMEWORK!! Argh!

~ of course I got a bit bored of school work every once and a while..and decided to work on more e-mails...my goal was to get my in-box down to zero so that I could enjoy a day of rest on Monday (july 1st!)

Friday June 28

~ arrive in puerto rico / drive to hotel / sleep on 1 hour bus ride...exhausted from waking up at 5am and going to sleep at 3am!!!!

~ prepare for presentation...in high focus gear. Topic: 'Connecting With The Future: Young People, Technology, and the Next Economy' - audience - board members of credit unions across the US. The conference was run by an organization called CUES (Credit Union Executives Society). Mike and I were keynote speakers - on a huge stage with microphones that produced an echo...EcHo....which was somewhat annoying. I was really nervous during this presentation - possibly because the topic is pretty ambitious...and my experience still feels limited...we did as much research before our presentation as possible (pulling stats and quotes from a variety of sources including websites and market research reports)...our goal was to help the audience transform their perspectives on how they consider the 'role of young people' to be in their credit unions - which is a mind-set that we hope will transcend to how they see young people in society...(as leaders, problem-solvers and key stakeholders!)

~ spent time working on e-mails - getting in-box down from 80 e-mails to approx. 30

~ spent the evening preparing for Saturday's workshops....pulled stats...read a report that was put together for credit unions...discussed what we learned from the keynote presentation etc.

Thursday June 27

~ my birthday...turned 22

~ 9am meeting with executive director of the international child art foundation

~ 11:00am conference call with bremley - discussion about wec.org (website dev. Project for TIG)

~ develop wec proposal / review with wec for final sign-off

~ go to the conference and get lunch (which we almost missed!), listened to keynote speakers in large auditorium

~ called the office and spoke to everyone (individually) about progress being made. Was kinda dissapointed (and shocked) when I found out that one of our staff members made a decision that has done a lot of damage to TIG from a 'partnership / brand' perspective. Realized that each and every commitment that is made between TIG and another organization that involves requires TIG staff/vounteers/members in the process of implementing the partnership agreement - need to be FULLY briefed on the importance of the initiative, and the project requirements. Just as a bit of a comment on why it is so important that we partner with organizations that don't necessarily add 'obvious' value to TIG...i have a very strong perspective on what comes with 'privelege' and 'power'...TakingITglobal is in the process of gaining access to many resources. With our recent support from several major companies and organizations, we are becoming stronger as an organization and as an initiative that is really gaining momentum in the world. There are other initiatives with simiar intentions, that do not have access to the resources that we are gaining access to. I believe that when we are able to share those resources, in a way (that provides a fair enough exchange that we are not completely drained of our resources in the
process) I think that it is important to share. I am sometimes told that I am too giving and generous - especially of my time and energy...as are many of us are - I'm sure...and perhaps this doesn't always make the best business sense - but I still feel that when we are able to share our priveledge, it is important that we accept this responsibility - and with grace. Sometimes, we don't need to expect anything in return, but know that we have done good; and have shared an opportunity with others who are deserving, and who would otherwise not have the opportunity....

~ on my birthday, it rained, poured and thunderstormed outside...

~ I only got a few cards on my birthday (about 5 e-greetings, and a few phone calls)...i cried a lot throughout the day...because I felt soo forgotten. It's weird...i get soo many e-mails and phone calls on most days of the year..but on the day that I was born...just a few. Thanks to those who remembered :) sorry to all those people who have birthdays that I have forgotten...

~ met with leon from 4pm-5pm (who is a guru on knowledge and network
management) - talked about progress and latest developments

~ TIG booth at the National youth summit (was going to see huss - but he got caught up in work stuff)

~ surprise birthday present from mike! Went to hear miriam Makeba (famous African singer - from Johannasburg, South Africa)...i cried for most of the concert...it was so beautiful...it was in the Dar Constitution Hall and was about 1/10th full...although it was a bit sad that the concert wasn't sold out, the people who came were sooOOO joyful and lively! The concert was supposed to start at 8pm - and it actually started at 8;45...i was laughing at about 8:30 - because both dumi (from
zimbabwae) and hafsat (from nigeria)...always talk about 'african time'
- and how 'african time' means that things NEVER start as they are scheduled :) the ancient traditional songs rang closest to my heart...i felt like I could hear the voices of the past ring through my heart, mind and soul. It was soo powerful. After the concert, Mariam Makeba received an award from the Mayor - who deemed June 27th, Miriam Makeeba day - the 'mother of africa'...awww...a birthday to remember!!

~ worked on homework for school (readings and discussion posts)

~ worked on e-mails (epseically those that needed immediate attention!)

Wednesday June 26

~ National Youth Summit begins / registration

~ meet up with Harry (Commissioner for Youth and Family Services, United States of America) to discuss presentation

~ 30min power work-out...run on treadmill

~ met with Thomas Tong (who works with a company that deals with Knowledge Transfer)...he was invited to make remarks on our presentation and

~ workshop presentation on the topic of "Youth Engagement" - talked about 'positive youth development' to leaders of various government agencies within the US. Many people were inspired by the ideas that were shared and by the example that TIG is providing as a 'model for youth engagement'...some very powerful stuff came out of this discussion...we have developed a framework for what we are doing, which has proven to be helpful for agencies that spent millions of dollars each year doing 'positive youth development' - many want to partner with TIG! Yay :) will follow-up with contacts there.

Tuesday June 25

~ slept in...sorta...mad-rush pack

~ train ride from New York City to Washington DC on a super-fast train

~ worked on MAJOR assignment for school - due at 12:00midnight...worth 20% of mark!! Mega-stressful!

~ gotta prepare for presentation TOMORROW!! Yikes!

Monday June 24

~ meeting UNDP (United Nations Development Program) about EarthYouth.net proposal...in which the person we were meeting with, Erik, was 1 hour late for the meeting! Good thing I had my notebook, a pen, a lot of ideas to sketch out and think about with mike while waiting...when we finally met with Erik, he brought their 'tech guy' and an administrative support person to discuss the details of the proposal with us. They LOVE IT! Yay :) once going through logistics, we asked if they had seen the tig site (which none of them had)..so we went to a computer and showed them the site...they were COMPLETELY AMAZED!!! The 'tech guy' (I feel soo bad I forget his name!) was the MOSt inspired out of them all - he was glowing with delight and said 'you know - TIG is doing what WE should be doing here at the UN!! This is our business"....that moment...was soo...special...as you can imagine...it was soo beautiful - to see people's faces light up with excitement, after seeing profiles from members in korea, kenya, argentina, nigeria....and then read some of the discussion posts, updates pages, articles...they could not believe that a group of young people were creating such a powerful, dynamic 'space' for youth to connect, share and learn about eachother!! Mmm....moments like this are yummy :)

~ meeting with teachers from long island - who heard mike speak at a conference a while back - they are very aligned with what we are doing (in terms of philosophy...) which is wonderful

~ meeting with skadden arps (law firm based in times square!) there are still a lot of details that need to be worked out - but carol is amazing and that gives me a sense of hope in this department...

~ Taste of New York!! (street festival!) enjoyed some yummy food with new yorkers ;)

Sunday June 23

~ work...work...more work...on e-mails, documents, phone conversation with Nick (in AU) before his trip to geneva, phone conversation with dumi and jen from the Youth Employment summit about global knowledge resource...

~ went for a walk to central park and then for a jog...noticed that a drama group was performing a play and decided to stay a while and learn about the american revolution! Continued to jog and returned to the hotel (had breakfast on the way back)

~ meeting with TIG mentor/advisor for dinner - Prakash - architect who wrote 'Architects Report' for TIG...is submitting our 'TIG Centre idea - workplace, learning environment, resource centre of the future' in a design competition!!'

Saturday June 22

~ meetings with GYAN - develop draft MOU

~ conference call with potential funder (discussions about

~ Jewel concert (ben got free tickets!! Jewel is GYAN's sponsor...

Friday June 21

~ early morning flight to New York City to meet with partners (Global Youth Action Network)

~ check-in with GYAN members (bremley, jonah, ben) and Youth In Action Executive Director (peter)

~ worked on trying to develop and define current and future partnership

~ discussions of merger...didn't get very far seeing as we have common intentions but a different focus in terms of strategy and how we implement the vision...

~ came up with a symbol that somewhat represents that nature of our collaboration - the ying/yang symbol! What do you think? Meetings ended about about 11:00...(after some interesting japanese food and tears that I shed about the challenges of compassion and human suffering)

Thursday June 20

~ enrol in fall/winter courses for YorkU (2002/2003) here's my course
* Communication in Organizations
* Matrix Art Studio
* Reasoning about Social Issues
* Cultural Geography
* Thesis - Independent Study - Influencing Global Governance: Youth, Technology and Culture!!

If I am actually able to manage this course load - I will be a full-time student next year - AND - still get to work at TIG (in the office all
day) for 3 days / week!! With a few things coming up in terms of travel
- I really hope I can manage...
Fingers crossed.

~ lunch with an old-friend from high school (alan) who is an architecture student at waterloo! He may help us organize a contest to get ideas for TIG 'opportunity and resource centres' next year!

~ meeting with organizer of 'kids voting project' (which actually conflicted with another meeting that I doubble booked!) ahhh

~ conference call with conference organizers in Puerto Rico to discuss presentation

~ meeting with Andy to discuss fundraising activities & progress

~ 5pm - 7pm TIG Summer 2002 Action Plan meeting - briefing everyone on the proposal

~ kung-fu club (workout on treadmill - still unable to do class with broken finger)

Wednesday June 19

~ 9am meeting with professor wheeler about independent study course - came up with course title, description and book list!

Course Title: Influencing Global Governance: The role of youth, culture and technology.

Description: "Jennifer will i) research the history and current reality of youth engagement in significant global or national issues; ii) build hypotheses / a hypothesis of how and why youth have been / are being influential; and iii) test those hypotheses in the context of current events, available technologies and cultural influences. Readings agreed. Methodology discussed. To be defined."

Reading List:

Culture Matters: How Values Shape Human Progress
Millennials Rising: The Next Great Generation
The Ingenuity Gap: Can we solve the problems of the future? Digital Economy All Together Now: Connected Communities The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

Whoa! This is WAY too exciting!! I get to design a course based on my deep commitments, passions, curiosities, experiences and interests!! Wow...i am soo glad that I am pursuing this opportunity and HOPE that I get approved for the course!!

~ went to a photoshoot for york university's recruitment brochure (at a downtown studio)...for those that are laughing about the fact that it seems as though I never do my homework and never go to school...for the record - although I'm a year behind (taking 3rd year courses in my 4th year at university)...i actually found out that I have an 'A' average :)...i don't say this to brag...I just don't want people to get the impression that I don't take school seriously...as much as I find it painful to do my homework (which I MUST admit that I do)...i truly value learning and the art of understanding...i also hate getting lost in bureaucracy...and hate feeling like a number...which is why I'm always doing whatever I possibly can to make sure that our members do NOT feel like numbers...(my internal TIG rebellion ;)

~ Straight from the photoshoot to a formal luncheon with Priya (sponsor from Compaq/HP) at Rosewater Supper Club - to hear John Kennedy speak on the topic of environmental sustainability

~ meeting with michelle to discuss international strategy - more specifically - how we recognize, recruit, train and reward youth reps...devleoped a concept that involves recognizing youth reps AFTER they have been involved in 'promoting and developing TIG as a platform, resource and network for youth' - rather than giving them the title first, and then asking them to do 'stuff'...hope this works out well...

~ went straight to Jesse's workshop on 'Getting the Job you Want!'..."This workshop will teach you how to market yourself to potential employers. Go beyond the help wanted ads and learn how to promote yourself through networking, small talk, digital resume writing techniques, personal websites and employment agencies." ...jesse did a wonderful job sharing exciting techniques on how to effectively promote yourself in order to get the job you want! The handbook and powerpoint slides were great ;) there was also a great turnout! Way to go jesse :)

~ spent some time in the evening with a good friend that I met in '98 at shad calgary...sherryn...who is a med-school student at 20! This girl is a star. She is currently in Greece and is always amazing me with stories and perspectives on life.

Tuesday June 18

~ Meeting with Harvey Skinner who is the Professor and Chair of the Department of Public Health...they are working on an initiative called 'Global Youth Voices' - and they want to partner!! Yay :) they may be able to provide a research perspective on some of our developments, which would be incredible! It would be great for our work to be recognized from an academic / research perspective...this would add a ton of credibility to our work....

~ Phone call with Ezekiel!!! Talked about getting the application for the conference in ghana online...talked about the trip to ghana...and the world cup :) talked about TIG Youth Day and got his perspectives on how it should be organized

~ trip with karis and sush. To share our wealth 'advisory board' meeting (with greg dobson)...karis and sush both blossomed! What a great reminder of how awesome the members of our team are....awww :)

Monday June 17

~ make certificates for karis and susheela

~ speak at Hodgson (Entrepreneuial Adventure program), as part of my volunteer time

~ staff meeting at 3pm

~ planning and organizing for evening activities!!

~ Co-OP appreciation Day!! Over 30 people came to celebrate the achievements and contributions of our most recent co-op student alumni, Karis and Susheela!! Family and friends joined in to listen to stories being shared about experiences at TIG...it was such a proud moment for me to see the faces of people light up after learning about how two very special pepople have helped to change an organization that is having an impact on the world.

Thank you to everyone who is involved in this very special circle...


An update on what I've been up to...

Translations available in: English (original) | French | Spanish | Italian | German | Portuguese | Swedish | Russian | Dutch | Arabic

I have a really difficult time writing progress reports - because I feel that there are sooOOO many levels that define progress...over the past few months, I have been using this tool to remind me of what I've been doing and how I've been spending large chunks of my time - but I'm not sure if I am able to accurately articulate the actual outcomes of the things that I do from the meetings I have etc. etc.

It's defiantly a challenge - especially when SOOO much progress is being made...and there is a TON to follow-up on...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Here's an attempt at defining the key areas that I have been focusing on lately:

- FUNDRAISING - working with andy to devleop a framework for fundraising efforts (this involves working on draft overview documents, researching potential funding bodies and also includes organizing my personal contacts - getting business cards scanned and organized in microsoft outlook so that I am ready to send regular updates to potential partners, clients, mentors etc.)

- OPERATIONS - working with mike on getting operational aspects of TIG in place (software **for those that don't know - Microsoft has given TIG an in-kind donation of $25,000 worth of MS Software!) hardware, by-laws, accounting, server hosting, trillium logistics, insurance (especially for HRDC funding), getting the office organized & cleaned (old computers need to get out!)

- INTERNATIONAL STRATEGY - working with michelle and the rest of our current core team to develop our 'International Strategy' that will help to effectively engage (inspire, inform and involve) our youth reps and members from our 170 countries...this includes thinking around how to launch country sites

- TO WORKSHOP SERIES - working with maria, karis & ashley on coordinating the Toronto Workshop series (ensuring that we have facilitators & panelists booked and prepared, writing the press release with charly and developing a media contact list for promotions, meeting with potential marketing reps and those interested in supporting the workshop series, helping to draft workshop agenda's and helping people think about what activites are most appropriate for each workshop)

- SUMMER ACTION PLAN DEVELOPMENT - working with TO team members to devleop individual Work Plans and to develop an overall Summer Action Plan in order to ensure that our 'staff / interns and full-time volunteers' have a meaningful impact and experience at TIG this summer! We are going to have a pretty full office this summer and I really want to ensure that people are clear and excited about their roles as part of the team...

- PROJECT MANAGEMENT - helping to manage external projects and partnerships including technology development for the Youth Employment Summit, the Ontario Young People's Alliance, Classroom Connections, Sunnybrook and Women's hospital, YMCA's Youth Employment Website, Ax-Sis, Cre-8-tv

- STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS - having discussions and devleoping draft 'letters of agreement' with potential strategic partners including RCMP's deal.org and VTV

- UPDATING PARTNERS SECTION OF SITE - working with martin on re-vamping the partners & co-branding section of our site (more to come on this soon!)

- SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS - responding to many speaking requests (for both local and global events) from people asking me to share perspectives on the role of young people / the role of innovative technology / effective youth engagmenet / the impact of online communities / the importance of cross-sector partnerships / youth perspectives on sustainable development & other world issues etc. (upcoming events include speaking at the National Youth Summit in Washington DC which is being run by the US Government's Family and Youth Services Division, then speaking to people from Credit Unions in Peurto Rico..in July, I have been asked to speak to a local group of Chinese youth who are learning about entrepreneruship and will be attending the World Youth Jam as a delegate in August. I hope to go to Ghana for the August 31st conference that our members are running and have been invited to speak at the Stockholm Challenge in October during the innovation and entrepreneurship session. I will be attending the GLT summit in Geneva, Switzerland in September and have also been invited to speak in Hong Kong this December at ITU TELECOM ASIA 2002...phew! Not sure if I will be able to attend all of the above mentioned events - but they are things that I have been invited to and am MOST interested in participating in!

- PARTICIPATION AT YES - having conversations with the Youth Employment Summit about TIG's role at the summit (so far TIG will have a booth at the Innovation Fair and will be able to hold two 'meetings' that are part of the Open Sessions at the summit (which will provide us with an opportunity to connect with our members!) There is potential funding for TIG to send representatives to the summit. I have already been asked to speak on the first day - to launch the Global Knowledge Resource (because I am part of the organizing committee) and Mike has been asked to come and arrive early in order to help set-up the internet café and other tech. aspects of the summit.

- PROMOTING A CULTURE OF PEACE CONTINUATION - working with sush to finish off the promoting a culture of peace contest that was held at st. joan of arc (run by Vittoria La Neve's younger sister)!!! We are creating cards with the winning submissions for Nancy to give to supporting teachers / staff and students :)

- DEVELOPING A FRAMEWORK FOR TIG YOUTH DAY - working with Rana from Pakistan on developing TIG Youth Day

- SUPPORTING TEAMS IN AFRICA - working with Ezekiel from Ghana, Jerry from Nigeria and Alex from Cameroon on how TIG is developing in their country (providing a lot of advice / feedback / support / trying to connect them to resources and devleop a greater understanding for the challenges they are facing etc.)

- ENGAGING VOLUNTEERS - trying to encourage and support new members / volunteers that want to get involved and have great enthusiasm and ideas (ie: karam, adam dexter, lisa, ian)

- RESPONDING TO E-MAILS - responding to approximately 50-100 e-mails addressed to me personally (daily)...this can get tough - especially with a broken finger!!

- ALLOWING FOR CREATIVE OUTLETS - constantly coming up with new and innovative ideas on how we can improve what we are doing - how we can further engage and involve our members - how our mission can be best carried out - how we can have a greater impact

- SCHOOL - doing my readings for the summer course I am taking on business ethics (and of course doing assignments!)

- FITNESS - working out at least 3 times a week to keep my body in balance and to channel my physical energy

- COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT - I am a volunteer for the learning partnership's entrepreneruial adventure program which means that I help a grade 7 class with their newspaper project! (I speak to the class and facilitate discussions)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sunday June 16

- Happy Father's day to all of your dads :) today was a family day for me...it was my cousin's christening so we had all our family together on my mom's side and since I'm away over my birthday (June 27) - we had a cake today (just a few weeks early)...which was kinda nice...and also kinda sad - cause I'll be away from my family for my b-day... :(

- developed an in-depth response to karam's draft partnership proposal to UNESCO's Virtual World Heritage Project

- FINALLY wrote an intro and launched that 'life in Afghanistan' article

- sent info. to nick about developing a proposal for TIG Ghana (that will be given to CIDA)

- worked on my progress report

Saturday June 15

- worked on progress report

- had a philosophical discussion with Jarra about the meaning of life ;)

- develop a list of members in TO who have filled out their interests in their profile

- develop a checklist outline to be filled out for each workshop in the TO series

- 45 min phone call with Ezekiel about progress made in Ghana (he is organizing a conference on August 15th)

- got a flat tire!! Ugh.

Friday June 14

- developed concepts around how leverage the Toronto team to further engage and involve the global community

- supposed to have a meeting with Nikisha (got cancelled) - spent a few hours in Second Cup working on e-mails

- meet with Doug about facilitating the 'develop your leadership potential' workshop

- meeting with Jacqueline from YMCA about youth employment site we are developing for them and about workshops in the fall (we will likely run 2 workshops at a different location in the GTA each month

- chat with poonam about the youth employment summit and TIG's role in the summit (we will have a booth and will run 2 TIG meetings throughout the summit)

- meeting with Andy about fundraising (review PowerPoint document describing TIG program areas)

Thursday June 13

- lunch with aunt mary at York U

- meeting with professor David wheeler about doing an independent study at YorkU next year in the area of business and sustainable development

- meeting with cousin Joey at York U (check out the centre for vision research / discuss designing a survey to understand how our members value TIG)

- Connect to Your Career workshop!! Michelle - you did a super job as the coordinator (Ian and John are amazing speakers)

- kung fu club (ran on the treadmill)

Wednesday June 12

- Entrepreneurial Adventure Showcase at the First Canadian Place (got to check out all the businesses that 5 - 12 year olds are creating as part of school projects...I was a volunteer mentor for a grade 7 class that created school newspapers! I got to help them talk about their project and will be speaking to their class on Monday...I also purchased products that several kids have created (candies, a picture frame, stickers, notebook and a book of poetry that has been written by 11 year olds based on stories shared from holocaust survivors...

- war child meeting (invited by Chris, one of our members) who is starting something called worldhappiness.com

Tuesday June 11

- work from home on e-mails / catching up on phone calls

- kung fu club (worked out in weight room / treadmill etc.)

Monday June 10

- missed meeting with Andy & staff meeting due to need for some sleep

- 1 hour phone call with Alex from Cameroon about recent progress and challenges

- connect to your career workshop planning with Michelle

- help from Michelle from 6pm - midnight - typing up e-mails - organizing files on desk

Sunday June 9

- was in the emergency room at the hospital from 10:30pm - 5am (I have a broken finger - middle finger on my right hand)

- completed assignment for school

- meeting with Mirella @ A Stroke of Art Inspirational Art Studios (to discuss July 21 creativity workshop/retreat)

- spent the day shopping with my mom :)

Saturday June 8

- broke finger in karate class

- meeting with Amanda for a few hours (gave each other an update on where we are at)

- got help from mike (unable to type assignment for school)

Friday June 7

- meeting with John (current President of AIESEC Canada) about potential partnership opportunities

- meeting with Karam about TIG (discussed potential ways he could get involved)

- meeting with Andy regarding fundraising progress

- meeting with karis' co-op teacher (final meeting!) to discuss how amazing karis is :)

- adam dexter arrives in the afternoon for meetings

- TIG Vibe meeting with approx 10 people!! Many brilliant ideas were shared...check out TIG vibe in the projects system

- TIG International Strategy Meeting

Thursday June 6

- work from home

Wednesday June 5

- use card scan to add over 200 contacts to outlook (from business cards collected)

- phone call with Alex from Cameroon

- meeting about taking it local with Michelle (develop framework for action)

- share strategy with mike, Jarra, martin

Tuesday June 4

- global youth voices presentation (group at U of T)

- work with susheela on presentation

- kung fu

Monday June 3

- the hunger project

- Canadian social entrepreneurship network meeting

- meeting with Sunnybrook

Sunday June 2

- focus on school work

Saturday June 1

- focus on school work


Friday May 31

- susheela's co-op breakfast at Graydon Memorial High School

- meeting with Jarra about summer work plan

- meeting with Tracey Erin Smith

- meeting with charly about Press Release for TIG Workshop Series

- meeting with Heather from classroom connections (promoting peace)

- TakingITLocal discussion with staff

- worked at office until 9pm on scanning in business cards and adding them to outlook


Thursday May 30

- spoke at Making IT Work for Volunteers conference

- attended conference sessions - connected with people

- karis' workshop - Daily Life Revamped: A Collage

- kung fu class

- dinner with club :)


Wednesday May 29

- Round Table for the World Summit on the Information Society - hosted by UNESCO

- quick rollerblade

- respond to approx 100 e-mails (worked with mike, martin and Jarra till 2am!)

- prepare for presentation - discuss the key themes / slides


Tuesday May 28

- respond to over 100 e-mails of people who are interested in getting involved with workshop series

- flight to Ottawa

- meeting with Richard from CIDA

- dinner meeting with pat and fran from deal.org (RCMP youth initiative)


Monday May 27

- complete flyers for Toronto Workshop Series (finalize text and design)

- created excel spreadsheet list of workshops, facilitators, time / date / room #

- based on charly's initial compiled list of media contacts - created excel spreadsheet of media contacts (with e-mail / phone / key contact etc.) for the following media: CKLN 88.1 FM Radio CIUT 89.5 FM CHRY 105.5 FM Kiss FM Edge 102.1 FM The Flow 93.5FM Toronto Community News Young People's Press Excal - york's student
Catch Da Flava
SUN Newspaper
Toronto Star
City TV (Ontario)
City TV's - Cityline
Global TV News (Ontario)
TV Ontario

- send out e-mails to key contacts in TO - to get promotions for workshop series ~ Libraries (karis will contact) ~ Community Centres (maria will contact) ~ student federations (in collges and universities - huss will contact) ~ ontario ministry of education (through Tony d.) ~ TDSB (guidance councillor heads - through Susan) ~ Classroom Connections - schools across Ontario ~ Ontario guidance councillors association
~ the learning partnership's round table on technology (entire list of members) ~ party program - teachers who have registered in the past ~ Ontario science centre (alumni students from OSCSS and OSClub) ~ trustee for TDSB (elizabeth moyer) ~ women in motion - network of teachers (akela) ~ motivational speakers (their network of teachers - stuart knight, sunjay) ~ YMCA - jacqueline (to be sent out to marketing reps) / cc'd laura palmer korn ~ YMCA - jill / dianne (YLC's) ~ SHAD - asked if they would send it out through shad fly...

- ensure that auto-e-mail is sent to all TIG members in Ontario inviting them to participate in workshop series / http://toronto.takingitglobal.org goes live thanks to jarra and mike!!


Sunday May 26

- business ethics homework (MEGA BEHIND!)


Saturday May 25

- karate class

- spent afternoon / evening with a good friend from high school / gained new insights, ideas & perspectives


Friday May 24

- meeting with Andy about fundraising - develop TIG Program Areas further (discuss TIG's focus / value-add in each of the areas)

- working session with charly - develop initial framework for press release / answer basic questions

- phone call with writers of 'stone soup for the teenage world'

- weight training

- dinner with dad and brother :)

- hang with Vittoria, Jarra, martin, mike (last minute visit before ITALY!)


Thursday May 23

- wake up at 4:30am - go to airport (thanks to hafsat for driving!)

- 6:30 flight

- 9am advisory meeting with Women In Motion to discuss the 'Career Discovery' project funded by the Ministry of Citizenship

- staff meeting in the afternoon

- work on responses to e-mails

- prepare list of potential facilitators and panellists for the workshop series (especially 'experience entrepreneurship' / 'develop your leadership potential' / 'get involved and take action' / 'preparing for the changing workplace' etc.

- Youth in ACTion workshop - run by Megan - very few people came to the workshop outside of TIG coordinators - which is BADness - realization that mega marketing strategies need to be put in place!


Wednesday May 22

- early wake-up!

- spoke at session about the recovery of the economy - powerful question and responses!

- presentation in front of people from US Government's Youth and Family Services division - with regards to National Youth Summit

- GLT Dinner - listen to US Congressman

- GLT after-party networking at GLT's house

- sleepover at hafsat's house :)


Tuesday May 21

- early wake-up

- World Economic Forum's USA meeting (sessions about...)

- meeting with International Youth Foundation

- WEF meetings

- discussion with Poonam (Summit Director - YES) about upcoming needs

- work session


Monday May 20

- meeting with Danielle from the World Bank

- world economic forum - USA meeting 'nightcap'


Sunday May 19

- afternoon with harry from US gov - family and youth services - walked around DC

- evening dinner with poonam and dennis from YES

- working session


Saturday May 18

- karate class

- go to washington dc (jen goes through balitmore)


Friday May 17

- Meeting / working session with Andy (fundraising)

- conference call with jerry from nigeria

- meeting with Jacqueline about youth employment website for YMCA of greater Toronto

- meeting with charly - about marketing and promotions for workshop series

- orientation / personal training session at workout club


Thursday May 16

INNOVERSITY - moderate 'generation diverse' panel

- attend media 101 creative summit


Wednesday May 15

- 7am wake up and drive to Kitchener (with martin) for guidance in motion conference

- cocktail reception at CTV for innoversity


Tuesday May 14

- add 200 contacts / business cards to outlook through cardscan!!

- preparation for phone call with jerry from nigeria

- kung fu class


Monday May 13

- Meeting at TLP offices with Mark - coordinator of Round Table on Technology (help develop guide / manual for co-op teacher training program

- meeting with Judith about hampshiredesign.com

- staff meeting

- meeting with charly about promoting TIG's workshop series

- karate class


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